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  • Almaden & Blossom Valley Times
    San Jose Promotes Strong & Healthy Neighborhoods

    San Jose’s Healthy Neighborhoods Venture Fund (HNVF) affirms the City Council’s commitment to the health and welfare of San Jose’s residents. As you may recall, the City will receive an estimated $10-million a year over the next 25 years as part of the national settlement with tobacco companies. San Jose is one of only four cities in California to receive tobacco settlement money. It has been the City’s goal to use this money to enhance our residents’ health and education.

    To ensure that the HNVF money was put to the best possible use, we solicited input from the community. The feedback from our residents helped establish the guidelines for appropriating these funds. With your help, we identified three areas of need: Anti-Tobacco, Senior Services/Health, and Education/Health. The City sought to offer funding to programs that would help decrease the use of tobacco, improve the quality of life for seniors, promote academic success through innovative educational activities, and address the unmet health care needs of our children. read more.....

  • Willow Glen Resident
    Community fair in northern Willow Glen promotes health and safety
    By Moryt Milo

    Health, safety and public awareness were the main topics addressed at a community fair in north Willow Glen on the Gardner Academy campus Sept.29.
    The fair, organized through the office of District 23 State Assemblyman Manny Diaz, was designed to promote greater public awareness about local, county and state programs and services. Diaz represents areas of downtown and East San Jose, including much of Willow Glen. read more.....

  • Mercury News May 6, 2002
    Agency aims to boost dental care for kids

    By Ben Winograd

    One-third of Santa Clara County children younger than 9 suffer from untreated tooth decay, and minority and poor children suffer the most, according to a study released today that focuses on the lack of access to care.
    The study "for the first time quantifies the need out there and puts a face on the extent of the problem'' at the county level, said Dr. David Lees, who directed the research, sponsored by the non-profit Health Trust, an agency aimed at improving access to health services to the under-served in Silicon Valley.
    More than a matter of simple hygiene, the study suggests, dental problems can affect students' performance at school. read more.....

  • Mountain View Voice : January 12, 2001
    Toothmobile bring healthy smiles to Mountain View
    By Jaime Bloss

    Mountain View's less fortunate children have something to smile about: The Toothmobile made its appearance last week, providing free dental care to those who are uninsured and underinsured.

    The Toothmobile provides "all the dental services found in a dental services to patients hod don't have insurance or a way to take care of the treatment financially," said Dr. Alireza Parhizkari, a Toothmobile dentist.
    read more.......

  • Mountain View Voice : April 12, 2002
    Healthy teeth for all
    By Candice Shih

    Nobody likes going to the dentist, but what if the dentist came to you? On Thursday, April 4, 13 students at Castro School received a visit from the Tooth Mobile. Well-traveled like the Tooth Fairy, the Tooth Mobile provides dental care _ rather than cash _ to the teeth that need it. A screening last month determined that 47 Castro students need immediate dental care. Students who need less urgent care in the next 60 days totaled 79. "The barriers (to dental care) are transportation and language," said Maureen Wadiak, Associate Director of the Community Services Agency, which sponsored last week's event. read more.....

  • Appeal-Democrat : May 9, 2000
    Tooth Mobile Makes local stop
    By Kristin M. Kraemer

    Dozens of Yuba-Sutter school children who have never been to the dentist will have clean and healthier teeth this week with the arrival of the Tooth Mobile.

    The Dentistry in Motion van rolled into Maryville Monday morning and set up shop at Covillaud School. About 65 students are expected to sit in one of two dentist's chairs this week and undergo everything from cleanings and X-rays to sealant and restorative work, said Mike Reza, who coordinates the free dentistry with his brother, dentist Alireza Parhizkari of San Jose. >read more.......

  • La Oferta Review : March 9, 2000
    Tooth Mobile provee cuidado dental gratis
    pro gaudalupe Bellavance

    Tooth mobile tiene comoobjetivo pricipal proporcionar cuidado dental a niños y adultos que viven dentro de la ciudad. Y el pasado viernes 3 de marzo estuvo presente en las instalaciones de Miller Elementary School ofreciendo sus servicious completamente gratis.

    Muchos niños tuvieron la oportunidas de hacerse ün exament bucal extenso por un excelente equipo de dentistas
    read more...........
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