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 Ease of Use - We provide excellent and comprehensive health care services either in our state of the art mobile units or in a small room, or the school gym. Our units are self-sufficient and do not require any other support or services from the schools.

Medical care - After careful, and through examination, Physician determines the diagnosis and suggest appropriate medical care.

Dental Care - After careful, and through examination, Dentist determines the proper treatment plan which may include  x-rays, cleaning, fluoride, sealants, fillings and other restorative procedures as needed. They all can be performed and completed within our self-sufficient units at the school.  

Case Management and continuity of care - Communication with parents or guardians on status of treatment plans and it’s progress. Meeting, satisfying, and completing children’s health care needs.  Routine care provided on regular, periodic basis.  Follow up of referrals and coordination. 

Community Outreach: Effort on reaching, and educating parents, and community in a culturally sensitive manner. Providing bilingual consent forms in Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, etc. Phone-based outreach and participation in health fairs, etc.


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