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Health Mobile is indebted to all the corporations, foundations and individuals that have funded our mission. Without their financial contributions, our ability to provide health services throughout California would be severely compromised. Our capacity to treat uninsured children is continually strengthened by their generosity.

We ask you to support the corporations listed below as they have supported us. Utilize their services, purchase their products and let them know that their participation with Health Mobile, and in the community, is valued, appreciated and noticed!


Health Fairy Helpers

Health Fairy Friends

Health Fairy Supporters

Health Fairy Sponsors

City of South San Francisco

Health Fairy Patrons

City of San Jose

HNVF Youth       $135,000        

HNVF Senior      $120,000    

Health Fairy Champions

First 5 Santa Clara

Elected Officials

City of San Jose
We express our sincere thanks to San Jose for its generous financial contributions and ongoing, dedicated support. Our gratitude is extended to the following individuals:

Ron Gonzales, Mayor
Linda LeZotte, City Council Member, District 1
Forrest Williams, City Council Member, District 2
Cindy Chavez, City Council Member, District 3
Chuck Reed, City Council Member, District 4
Nora Campos, City Council Member, District 5
Ken Yeager, City Council Member, District 6
George Shirakawa, City Council Member, District 7
David D. Cortese, City Council Member, District 8
John Diquisto, City Council Member, District 9
Pat Dando, City Council Member, District 10

The following U.S. representatives, State Assembly members, County Supervisors and Mayors have continually supported Health Mobile projects. We greatly appreciate their encouragement.

Anna G. Eshoo, Member of Congress, Fourteenth District
John Dutra, Assemblyman, Twentieth District
S. Joseph Simitian, Assemblyman, Twenty-First District
Manny Diaz, Assemblyman, Twenty-Third District

Board of Supervisors, Santa Clara County
Donald F. Gage
Blanca Alvarado
Peter A. McHugh
James T. Beall, Jr.
Liz Kniss

Board of Supervisors, San Mateo County
Mark Church
Jerry Hill
Richard S. Gordon
Rose Jacobs Gibson
Michael D. Nevin

Fred Fowler, Mayor, Sunnyvale
Henry C. Manayan, Mayor, Milpitas
Michael P. Guingona, Mayor, Daly City
Gene Mullin, Mayor, South San Francisco
Duane Bay, Mayor, East Palo Alto
Bob Barkhouse, Mayor, Yuba City


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